Sunday, 27 September 2009

Lush Rockstar Soap: Review

Yesterday, my dad took me and my sister to Manchester, and (woo) they have a Lush there. I've been wanting to smell Lush stuff for ages, but in Cardiff I never go in. My closest Lush is like 1.5 hours away, so it's not like I can pop into one anytime I like.

Anyway. I went into Lush and, OMG, it was... well, lush! I just felt like a child stuck in a toy store or something. And I went straight for the soaps, as, it's what Lush's know for, right? I tried looking for porridge but no luck. But Rockstar was there, looking, and smelling, gorgeous. So I pick it up, and, meh, it smells too sweet, it's really nice, but not the best smell IN the shop. I decided to buy some anyway, as everyone loves it and porridge wasn't there.

I'm not gonna lie now, the whole way home (2 hours) I was smelling it. OHMYGOSH it is heaven in soap. It's lovely. I can't really describe it, some mix between those sherbet sweets and something else. I cut mine into 14 little cubes, and I find that's enough for me? I thought maybe I'd need more, but nope, 1 cube leaves my body smelling luscious and like a candy store. I LOVEEEE it, deff. buying more next time I'm somewhere with a Lush nearby.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

How Hard Is It To Save?

Hey everyone. I've been really busy this week, I have 10 homeworks, which basically sucks, I've got 3 left, the 3 biggest ones, and all due in this week. Boo!

So I went shopping this weekend, bought some stuff for my dad's birthday. I was going to go with some friends, but my best friend wasn't going and I didn't want to be stuck with 9 boys on a bus talking about Chuck Norris(?!)

So anyway, I went with my parents and sister, my sister was getting some goodies from my parents as a 'well done on doing so well in your GCSEs' (she got 6A* and 5As, btw) so we were just walking around the shop, and we see my sister's English teacher, who's her favourite teacher. My sister was avoiding her so she didn't 'disturb' her shopping, whatevs. Then my mum walks right up to her and talks to her, I laughed so hard because the plan failed so quickly.

Anyway, I decided that I'm going to save my money for a MAC and lush splurge in a few months (such a long time away, sigh) so I have money to get more than one this from each store, like I usually do. So my shopping list:
MAC MSF Natural
MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
MAC eyeshadow in Tempting and Folie (yay, nay? help me out with which shadows to get please)
MAC blush (not sure about this, help? haha)

Lush porridge soap
Lush rockstar soap
Lush Cupcake (facial thingy? any good?)

So do you guys recomend anything from Lush/MAC for me to get?

Thanks xoxo

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tag: 10 Facts

Hey everyone :) I've got 4 followers, thanks so much!

So, I was tagged by Sarah, thanks! :)
It's a 10 facts about you tag and I know I'm going to find this hard, let's time this, haha!

Time starting: 20.22

1. I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat any meats, fish or any products that have whey or gelatine and animal bits in them. I loved meat, and I do not find it hard at all! I eat Quorn stuff when my family have meat!

2. I own 2 websites that I used to blog, actual websites one's a .info and the other a .org. But I rather use this because everyone of my friends from the graphic design/coding world quit and I lost all my coding anyway! So I'm letting them expire, which is sad :(

3. I love cupcakes. Everytime I see a shop sell one, I buy one. My fave flavour is chocolate and strawberry coming in second place.

4. I have a venus flytrap plant called Pookie. Dangerous things need cute names.

5. I owned Sims 3 the week it came out, but never played mine because my laptop's RAM wasn't large enough. I actually knew this when I bought it, but I wanted it ever since they announced they were making it.

6. I break everything that is worth over £100. My iPod, 2 phones, laptop, DS and many chargers. I've actually already broken my BlackBerry's charger. I need help with this.

7. I'm wary of new people now because of how many times I've been used and dumped and been lied about by 'friends'. I hate bitchy people and the ignorance of people. It makes me want to scream.

8. I picked graphics, ICT, history, French, music technology and extra Math as my GCSE subjects.

9. I'm on grade 5 singing, which I'm proud about! *smug face*

10. I really, really, really want a ferret! But my parents do not like this idea(?!) I was going to call him Rodger! :)

Okay finished, not that hard to think of 10 facts actually! End time: 20.34, only 12 minutes to do this! Yaay!

I tag everyone that reads this. Most people have done this so, I just tag whoever wants to do this.


Saturday, 5 September 2009

First Post, Haul and Kittens

Hey, it's my first blog, so I'm new to all this. I'm going to post fashion and beauty mostly, and some stuff about my life. So this is my first post, and I have some exciting news!

I've always loved cats, and my last cat died last summer, and we didn't get a cat straight away. We moved house then in December and didn't get a cat then either. But now, after months of asking my mum, we're getting two kittens! We called the shelter place, and they have two 5 week old kittens, that are related, one's a grey tabby and the other's a black with a little white on him. We're seeing them tomorrow, so it's going to be exciting as I love kittens!

I bought some stuff also. I've been to Cardiff and Edinburgh in the holidays so I have some stuff from there. And some back to school stuff including MAC, Babycham, Body Shop and Primark and a new mobile phone!

All I bought. Top is my school bag from Babycham, I got it for £5 from this website called d r shoes. I was like, woaah, cheap stuff, they had a sale on everything. The same bag sold for £40 on another website. I got the Babycham trainers from the same website for £4. I love them except they're really pointy, which look weird off, but fine on. I love them! The two tshirts are from Primark, the thin stripes were £1 and the fat stripes one £1.50. They're great I got another shirt from Primark, like the fat stripes one but with grey and purple stripes and I also got black jeans for £8. The black boots are from Primark, £13, the pointy black jazz shoes/brogues were £8. The black round toe shoe are from Dorothy Perkins, £15 from £28. The bath stuff are from Primark for my friend's birthday. My new BlackBerry and some makeup.

My Blackberry! :D and MAC Woodwinked, I love it!